What is iRealty Colorado?
iRealty Colorado is a subscription-based, Realtor Branding platform that consists of your own Agent branded website, iPhone App and mobile search site. Once signed up, you can then provide your clients with the absolute best, web-based and mobile home search tools available on the market, backed by real-time MLS data with YOUR brand and contact information embedded throughout all of the search tools. Stop losing potential clients to other agents with better search platforms!

Do I need an iPhone for this service to apply to me?
Not at all… While our iPhone App has been recognized by the National Association of Realtors as one of the top innovations of the year and is an exciting aspect of the offering it is just one of several agent branded search platforms you will receive with your iRealty subscription. It is also important to note that while the App is one of the most useful tools you can have as an agent out in the field it is primarily for your iPhone-using customers, providing great value to their home-search process both from home and around town.

Will iRealty work on my Blackberry & Android?
You bet! We currently provide both a Blackberry and Android version of the iRealty site. Whichever smartphone your customers are using they will have full access to your branded search platform. When they access your iRealty site the site will recognize the device they’re on and custom format itself to render perfectly within the phones screen!

What if I already have a website that I have been using for some time?
If you realize that your existing site is dated and unuseful it is very simple to have your existing website address “redirect” to your new iRealty website. Or perhaps you really like your existing website. That’s fine too; many of our customers simply frame our search platform into their existing site as our search has been proven to be the best on the market. If you don’t feel like framing is the way to go we also have many of customers that simply place a search button on their existing site that forwards the user to their iRealty website when it is time to search. This is also very easy to do and we will even have our designers create this button for you. If you would like help with any of these options an iRealty solution is just a phone call away: 303-442-3223.

What is the cost of an iRealty membership?
The iRealty subscription is $33 per month which includes your own branded website, iPhone App, Blackberry site, Android site, MLS data feed and web marketing tools that will help you advertise your new iRealty services. Your subscription also includes a one month free, no obligation trial!

How many times can my iPhone App be downloaded from iTunes by my clients and prospects? Will it cost my clients any money to download my App?
Your iRealty iPhone App can be downloaded for FREE from the iTunes Store as many times as your customers want. The more the better!

Will I receive any tools that will help me market this exciting new service?
You bet! The iRealty team will provide you with custom marketing pieces to help drive consumers your site and apps. We also provide YouTube videos on how to best leverage the service as well as a Customer Support line 7 days a week: 303-442-3223.

So I have signed up for iRealty now what?
We will provide you with an ad to insert in your email for your iPhone App (including your Agent ID), a link to your iRealty website you can place on your other website(s), and an “Email Client” tool that can be found in your Account Control Panel at www.iRealtyLogin.com.

What does the “CO” in the www.iRealtyCO.com stand for?
Colorado naturally! As iRealty Inc continues to grow our services will be available across the country and each state will have it’s own iRealty URL.

Is it easy to cancel?
Yes… if you wish you can cancel your subscription anytime from you Account Control Panel at www.iRealtyLogin.com. Simply log in and click the “Cancel Subscription” button.